• What is Robotics Learning ?

Robotics today is not an unknown technology, infact robots have spiking into almost all the industries of today. Such is the scope of robotics technology in this era. 

What is Robotics used for?

  • Computer Vision

Though related, some would argue the correct term is machine vision or robot vision rather than computer vision, because “robots seeing” involves more than just computer algorithms; engineers and robotics also have to account for camera hardware that allow robots to process physical data.

What is Computer Vision used for ?

Imitation Learning

Imitation learning is closely related to observational learning, a behavior exhibited by infants and toddlers. Imitation learning is also an umbrella category for reinforcement learning, or the challenge of getting an agent to act in the world so as to maximize its rewards. 

Self-Supervised Learning

Self-supervised learning approaches enable robots to generate their own training examples in order to improve performance; this includes using a prior training and data captured close range to interpret “long-range ambiguous sensor data.” 


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