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The Ministry of Education and Science plans to change the system of accrual of student scholarships inherited from the USSR

The Ministry of Education and Science will change the principle of scholarship payment

The system of accruing student scholarships, which was inherited from the Soviet Union, must be changed. This was stated during a briefing by First Deputy Minister of Education Inna Sovsun. She stressed that this year the scholarship fund has not changed and is 5 billion UAH, but at the same time, the reform in this direction is long overdue and will take place. "If we spend 5% of the budget of all education – 5 billion UAH – on scholarships, this is a distorted picture compared to international experience. Therefore, we have now formed a working group that will work on a new mechanism and principle of accrual of scholarships "- said the Deputy Minister. The accrual of scholarships will be changed from September 1 for those students who will be enrolled in the first year of higher education. At the same time, there are children from middle-class or even wealthy families for whom this money is a trifle, and by and large they they are not particularly needed, "said Inna Sovsun." Therefore, a major reform is planned, there will be public discussions. These are, of course, difficult discussions, and it is natural that these steps are unlikely to be popular, but it is necessary to introduce reforms for those students who apply, "said the First Deputy Minister.

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Students and graduates of universities from the central regions of Ukraine can take part in the event

EU Study Days announces recruitment

The Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine in cooperation with the Ukrainian Educational Center for Reforms announces the recruitment of participants for the ninth session of the School of European Studies in Ukraine (EU Study Days in Ukraine), which gives Ukrainian students and university graduates the opportunity to learn more about the European Union and EU relations. Ukraine from key experts in this field. This was reported by the official website of the School. It is noted that the Ninth Session will take place on October 29 – November 2, 2014 in Kiev and will be aimed at participants from the central regions of Ukraine. Students (recent courses) and graduates of Ukrainian universities (who graduated from the university no more than three years ago) from Kyiv, as well as from Zhytomyr, Vinnytsia, Kyiv, Cherkasy, Chernihiv, Sumy and Poltava regions can take part in the event … session). To apply for EU Study Days you need to fill out an online application form. The deadline for applications is October 12, 2014.40 people from the target areas will be selected to participate in the session. Participants will be selected on the basis of the submitted application and according to the following criteria: educational level of the student or graduate, representation of more regions, English language proficiency. Participation in the School is free for selected students. The organizers pay for travel, accommodation and meals for participants from other cities. The working languages ​​of the School are Ukrainian and English. Knowledge of English (the ability to read and speak English, as well as understand oral speech) is mandatory for participation in the School. You can find more information about the School, its past sessions on the School’s website or on its pages on social networks Facebook and VKontakte.

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AIESEC is the first step towards making a positive difference in society

International internships from AIESEC

The future of Ukrainian youth is now not characterized by bright prospects and a quiet secure life. Although, calm, apparently, she never was and never will be. It is difficult for graduates who, in search of a successful and favorite job, face a wall of rejection due to lack of experience. It is difficult for students who, in search of their identification and opportunities for development, suffer from the crisis of the former or the absence of the latter. Who seeks, he will find? Yes, but great chances for self-realization are often unaffordable. So what to do? Do not develop or accept the situation and survive like everyone else. AIESEC is the first step towards making a positive difference in society. The focus areas of the organization are international internship programs. Global Citizen social volunteer internships provide young and motivated people with the opportunity to develop a variety of personal skills, practice English, gain experience working in an international team and research cultural diversity. Of course, to all this is added fun, dating, entertainment and a lot of positive emotions. What prevents you from taking and leaving in the summer now? Forget about the cold streets of Lviv, about negative emotions and a gray vacation in front of the computer … Parents, money, friends? In fact, most of our problems and obstacles are in our head, and they are easily solved by one simple point: desire! It either is or it is not. Come on now, go to the site aiesec.ua, register, and then get up from the couch and change your life. India, Tunisia, Slovakia, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Romania, Sri Lanka. Didn’t you want something exotic after those words? There is a lot of controversy about work experience, practical skills and abilities. They demand them, but do not say where to get them, do not even offer their company to get them. And in fact, you can get even more! This is what the internship program from AIESEC – Global Talent offers. Paid, promising and interesting work in your specialty in a foreign company. International experience, another country, new acquaintances. An excellent opportunity to realize your potential in Colombia, Estonia, Brazil, Turkey, India or Lithuania. It is never too late to start making changes. The main thing is to understand that now is the time! You can register for international internship programs on the organization’s website: aiesec.ua

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The Minister expressed hope that the government would preserve scholarships and other social rights of teachers

The Ministry of Education and Science expects to keep student scholarships

Minister of Education and Science Sergei Kvit expects that scholarships for students will be maintained. He stated this in response to a question from a Radio Svoboda correspondent. Quit added that it was too early to talk about the abolition of financial aid for students, as the budget for the new year has not yet been adopted. "We hold two meetings every day – some other meetings. We are constantly working with deputies. That is, we agree with each other what it might look like. When we have the results, I will be happy to comment. Of course, these issues are very sensitive – and the teaching load on teachers and other issues. I think we will keep all this "- said the Minister. In addition, Sergei Kvit noted that the government does not plan to reduce the period of secondary school from 11 to 9 classes. As you know, the network has published government assignments, which are detailed, what exactly changes in the Ukrainian legislation need to be made that the state could save. In particular, the document proposes to cancel scholarships for students of higher education institutions in the usual form for students.

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Victor Pinchuk Foundation begins selection of participants of the scholarship program "Zavtra.UA"

Scholarship competition "Zavtra.UA" begins

On October 20, the Victor Pinchuk Foundation for the ninth time begins a competitive selection of participants in the scholarship program "Zavtra.UA" – a nationwide program to support talented youth. The Foundation invites 3-6 full-time students of Ukrainian universities to participate in the open competition. Acceptance of documents and online registration will take place on the website of the program zavtra.in.ua from October 20 to November 30, 2014. Key requirements for applicants to be selected based on the results of competitive selection and interviews:

active citizenship and experience in the implementation of public and social projects and initiatives, as evidenced by a letter of recommendation, academic achievement, originality of ideas about the professional field of research, which are based on a research project (completion) and cover letter, leadership potential, communication and creativity.

The main goal of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation within the framework of the "Tomorrow" program is to promote the formation topic for a narrative essay of a network of young leaders – a new generation of the country’s intellectual and business elite, which will be the driving force of progressive change in Ukraine. During the year, Zavtra.UA scholarship holders receive a monthly stipend of UAH 942 from the Victor Pinchuk Foundation, are involved in the Foundation’s social projects and activities, and have the opportunity to receive diverse financial and organizational support for individual and group projects and initiatives … creative, research and socio-economic nature. Every year, the Victor Pinchuk Foundation gathers scholars in Kiev at the Youth Forum "Zavtra.UA", in which its participants participate in team-building trainings, learn the basics of developing social and business projects, meet with leading Ukrainian politicians, businessmen and civil society. Fellows of the program have the opportunity to personally meet and communicate with global leaders and politicians, global innovators and businessmen, leading scientists and public figures at the annual meetings of the Yalta European Strategy (YES) and Public Lectures of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation.